Jewish wedding at Lake Como – Villa Balbiano (S&G’s wedding)

June 6th, 2023 - 150 guests

Photos by Cristiano Ostinelli
Video by Denee Motion


S & G’s luxury wedding in Italy at the iconic Villa Balbiano in Lake Como was a dreamy celebration that left all in amazement. As the guests arrived, they were greeted by the historical feeling of Italia, filled with splendor and enchantment.

The Jewish ceremony took place at sunset, a magical moment taking place on a mirrored aisle where the guests could . The chuppah was decorated by all white peonies, the bride’s favorite flowers. Following the ceremony, an elegant cocktail party commenced to celebrate the union of the radiant couple. As the evening unfolded, the grand dinner commenced, with fine Italian cuisine, under the glass house, facing lake Como.

The dinner set up was modern and neat, with copper gold mirrored tables, pristine white peonies and crystal chandeliers hanging above the dancefloor.

The following day, after delightful brunch with live music, S&G, full of gratitude and happiness, embarked on an authentic Riva boat, waving goodbye to their loved ones as they set sail of Lake Como towards the next chapter of their lives together.