Meet Imène HANAFI, Wedding designer
in Monaco, French Riviera & Italy

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The Wedding Planners Monaco (WPM) was co-founded by Imène HANAFI in 2015, and since then, she and her team based in Monaco carry on sharing The Wedding Planners Monaco’s unique vision of glamour, and refined lifestyle experiences. Imène has always challenged herself in order to create unique experiences for her brides and grooms that choose her as the wedding planner of their event on the French Riviera or in Italy. The key to her success : putting their story at the heart of any event, and delivering high-level wedding celebrations designed to live long in the memory. She adds to this a commitment to hard work and personal service allowing WPM always reach the service excellence levels demanded by its clients.

The Wedding planners Monaco, South of France & Italy
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Designer of events & weddings in Monaco, Italy and South of France

Meet Imène Hanafi, founder & director of The Wedding Planners Monaco, a wedding designer with 17 years’ experience in organizing & planning weddings and events.

Imène graduated with a bachelor’s degree in applied foreign languages and a Master’s degree in performing arts.

This artistic background fed her imagination and taught her how to best get an air of refinement from the visual and musical arts. A background that first allowed her to gain experience in the design and the production of prestigious event scenography (decoration, lightning, staging, entertainment…) all sharing a cohesive aesthetic where each detail resonates.

She then spent 6 further years working with the leading catering company in the South of France. This experience honed her high-end gastronomy knowledge and skills in catering logistics. Today, not only  Imène Hanafi is an accomplished luxury wedding planner that operates in Monaco, Italy, South of France and on the French Riviera, she is also a talented luxury events and parties designer that will put to your service her long experience of events and parties organization.

Imène is fluent in English, French, Italian and Arabic, and her understanding of the unique differences in the myriad social and cultural lives of her customers are the key components behind her empathy and ability to meet their expectations.

She is focused and never leaves anything to chance. Her upbeat and enthusiastic personality, along with her can-do attitude, are at the heart of her leadership style. She cherishes honesty and authenticity in her relationships with collaborators and clients.

Imène HANAFI, Founder of The Wedding Planners Monaco
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Of Choices

The Wedding Planners Monaco’s mission goes beyond organizing and coordinating your wedding: our role is to advise and assist you in taking the right decisions based on a real trusting relationship where, together, step by step, we understand you and anticipate your expectations to make all your desires come true.

From the design of your wedding to the orchestration of your big day, let yourself be guided by a professional director so that you and your guests enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Let us guide you also in the choice of your wedding venue thanks to our capacity of having access to exceptional and breath-taking settings in Monaco, French Riviera and Italy.

The Wedding Planners Monaco team are fluent in many languages and have accurate comprehension of many cultures and traditions to make your ceremonies and events be the reflect of your taste and identity.

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