Japanese inspiration wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild – French Riviera (Danya & Abdullah’s wedding)

June 29th, 2023 - 330 guests

Danya (the bride)

The best decision I made (after saying yes to my husband) was choosing The Wedding Planners – Monaco to do my wedding. I had given them the impossible to do – and they made every dream I had possible! I literally asked them to transport Japan to the south of France with cirque du soleil – yet keep the French Riviera finesse ! They built me a Shinto arch – brought fresh cherry blossoms and other pink flower – handmade mochis – state of the art food from a world class chef – not just a caterer – the best party vibe – the best band – the best DJ the list goes on! The bar they took care of was out of this world. We had very ‘experimental cocktails’ with a show to matcha the weddings theme! Everything was down to the detail and that’s what made it unique and special!

The best part is Imene made sure I had no stress at all! She held my hand literally and metaphorically since the first meeting we had. What I loved about the process is -she listening to your dreams and executes them – she does not just do what she wants – when she had a better idea she shows you why and how -she is very responsive -her ideas are super creative! It rained last minute and she set up the most beautiful tent with the most beautiful lighting that ended up making the venue even nicer and more intimate. Her ideas are great – but her ability to execute the ideas are even better!
– Google Review – 5 stars

Photos by Flora & Grace
Photos by Studiotech


Danya and Abdullah’s wedding was an extraordinary celebration that seamlessly blended elegance, Japanese charm, and modern flair. Set amidst the picturesque French gardens of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, the day’s festivities were nothing short of magical.

The ceremony took place under a custom-built Japanese torii gate and the delicate blossoms of a Sakura forest, evoking a sense of tranquility and elegance. Her bouquet was in fact a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet reassembling a Japanese fan ornated with her favorite flowers.  Danya delivered her vows where each was symbolized by a different flavor of mochi, a delicate Japanese treat, adding a touch of cultural significance to the solemn promises.

The newlyweds enjoyed a truly fascinating wedding dining experience, under a cascade of origami and fairy lights. The hand sown tablecloths with cherry blossoms and the contemporary floral decorations added a modern touch to the celebration.

The guests were delighted by culinary trompe l’oeil creations blending Mediterranean influences with innovative Japanese twists.

The festivities seamlessly transitioned into the Deep House Tokyo After Party, in a dancing room filled with floating umbrellas and geisha backdrop portraits, reminding of the ambiance of Tokyo streets by night.

The air pulsed with energy as Danya, took center stage at the DJ booth, captivating the crowd.

This unique fusion of Japanese influences and South of France vibes, tradition and modernity, was a true masterpiece for this memorable wedding.