If you are looking to get married in the South of France, let this real Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild wedding inspire you. 

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June 3rd, 2016

Wedding Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, French Riviera 

More information on the villa: http://www.villa-ephrussi.com/en/home 

Decor photography by Anna Rosell & Ingrid Simons

Couple photography by Zeynep Ilgın Erarslan Yanmaz

"Dear Cecile and İmene, 

İ have thanked you many times but i wanted to thank you by email as well. Thank you million times for making my wedding day even better than what i imagined.


You are the best wedding planners ever! For the past 8 months that we have been working together, i never doubted for one second about you. From the first contact we had in September until the day after my wedding, you guys have always been very warm and very professional but most important, you always made me feel very safe. İ am so lucky that i got the chance to know you and work with you. You were there for me 24/7, i knew that when i emailed you or messaged you , you would reply back asap.  i was always very confident working with you, because i knew you would direct me the best way.

Thank you for not letting me worry about a single thing and arranging everything so perfectly. Friends who got married before told me "you plan your wedding for months and then definitely something goes wrong and not as planned" , the only thing that went not as planned was , guests were having more fun than we planned :-))) 


İ didnt tell you this before because i was very sentimental the day after the wedding and i didn't want to cry when i was saying bye to you, but i'll never ever forget how you both came out running,  trying to calm me down when i was crying because of rain. That touched me a lot because i saw once again that you cared for my happiness and you didn't see me like a contract on paper. 


All of my guests are calling to tell me what an amazing wedding it was. They are saying that it was the best wedding that they have ever been to. Honestly, my wedding was the best wedding that i have ever been to and i go to a looot of weddings :-) Words are not enough to tell you how thankful and grateful i am for the two evenings you organised. The whole weekend was just like a dream. 


THANK YOU , THANK YOU , THANK YOU...İ have sent an individual thank you email to Wayne, Jeff , Clemence, Audrey, Gvantsa, Peter Madan , Peter Mackley and Mark. Thank you for your teamwork and thank you Cecile and Imene for coordinating everyone so smoothly  and thank you all for reacting so fast under the rainy condition and making me very happy and making my wedding like a fairy tale :-)))İ will send you all the pictures when i get them .Please keep in touch and take care."


We loved every single detail of this wedding... 

The bride and groom got ready at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel before heading for a magic Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild wedding in their pretty vintage car. 

The bay of Villefranche was the perfect backdrop for our couple's vows exchange and the stunning villa set the scene for such a chic black tie affair. The bride wanted serious pops of colour for her flowers and she couldn't have chosen better than shades of fushia and purple to match with the candy pink baronesse's villa. 

The mirror signage fit perfectly into the gardens and looked as if they belonged to the place. 

A caricaturist entertained the crowd during cocktail and dinner and brought a french feel to the event. Guests were delighted to leave the party with their portrait!

Before heading to dinner, guests had to look for their names on a luxurious bed of carnation acting as an escort card table. 

Thanks to the talented Goldsingers and a glamourous trio of electronic harp and violins, the party took off right from the beginning of the dinner and leave it to the turkish guests to pull off the best party of the season!!