5* Google Review: 

I had the pleasure of working with Imène for our destination wedding during the pandemic. I don’t know how we could have had our dream wedding without Imène! Working with her via zoom calls was a breeze. Her bespoke approach to making your wedding a unique one of a kind experience is amazing. We’re thrilled we chose to work with her and if we wanted to plan our wedding again and again she is the only person we would work with!


Imene and her team are simply world-class. We had an unforgettable wedding experience and it honestly turned out even better than I had ever imagined. Imene's taste is truly impeccable and the awe in our family and guest's faces as they were absorbing the details and beauty of her work and design will be something I will forever cherish. If you're even remotely considering a wedding planner, stop your search right now and reach out to Imene. You deserve it.



Bahana & Navid, Seattle USA
Wedding at Villa Erba, Lake of Como, 
October 2021

Hi hi !!!

Yesterday was just stunning!!!!

Lauren B

Merci Imene

C’était merveilleux. Nous avons tous passé un excellent moment dans un decor féerique.


Rana Z

Lauren B, bride and Rana Z, mother of the groom, Lebanon & Greece
Wedding Welcome Party, Monte-Carlo, October 2021

5* Google Review: 

If you are looking for help to organize your wedding, you've found it. We were a young couple from the Netherlands, who had the crazy idea to organize the wedding in France (Nice). 100 guests, from 10 countries, and everyone was left amazed. From welcome bags in people's hotel rooms to the timing of the music once I start kissing the bride. It was perfect.

Such an event would have never been possible without the professional help of Imene, Cecile, and Chiara. They were transparant, honest about everything, and because of their approach, the wedding was feasible. The other wedding planners we approached, sold stories about themselves. These ladies truly cared about us.

They have an amazing eye for detail, but they don't impose what they like - they think about what we would probably like. They can organize anything you want, and only use the best vendors, based on 15 years of experience. They know the little things you would never know.

I can't wait to have an excuse to organize something again, so they can help me again.

R & E, The Netherlands

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, August 2019

Chères Imène, Cécile, et Chiara,
Il est juste de dire que nous avons terminées en apothéose unanime et vous n’êtes pas étrangères à ce succès .
Bien que je n’ai malheureusement vu que 10% de ce bel événement , que je retrouverai un peu sur la vidéo et les photos , j’ai été comme une invitée à ma propre fête , ce que je n’ai encore jamais vécu , ceci grâce à vous , vous étiez partout et le déroulement était parfaitement orchestré , bravo à vous trois , je vous félicite et vous remercie du fond du cœur.
Je vous réitère mes sincères remerciements et vous souhaite un bel été .
Bien à vous 
Monika 🌞🐞🥂🎉🎁🍾🎂

Monika A. from Monaco

Summer party at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, July 2019

5* Google review:

Imene & Cecile made our dreams come true for our wedding in October 2018. Everything was as expected and amazing! They handle our guests and all the amazing performances really well. Thank you once again from AA

Aditya & Aileen, Jakarta, Indonesia

Wedding in Cap Estel, October 2018

Dear Imene and WPM team, 

I just wanted to thank you a million for planning the most incredible wedding of our dreams. This really would not have been possible without you. 

And finally for being simply amazing during the wedding, your support was really extraordinary. If anyone gets married in Monaco, I will 100% recommend you.

Sending lots of love,

Alexia and George xx

5* Google review:

You were simply wonderful in planning my dream wedding. The three days were organised perfectly, within budget and was more beautiful than I could've ever dreamt of! I could enjoy my wedding without worrying for one second. I cannot recommend WPM more!


Alexia & George, Monaco & London

Wedding in Salle des Etoiles, Sporting Club Monte-Carlo, September 2018

Hi, hope you are well. I have kind of been putting getting back to you away, because then I really have to acknowledge that our party is over ☺ I really want to say from the bottom of my heart: it was such a pleasure to work with you two. You are so nice and funny. I had a vision but the way you guys heightened it all is just beyond. I can only say OMG! Let’s do it again soon 😁What are you up to now? Best, Nina🌸🌸

Nina & Vilhelm, Stockholm

Private party in Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, August 2018

Thank you for making this the most incredible weekend of our lives, everything was spectacular!!!

You guys were really so incredible and the most patient in the world! 

J&J from NYC

3 days wedding on the French Riviera, 2018

Beautiful, perfect evening. 

First class and FUN.

Thank you, thank you 


Barry and Kathy

Barry, father of the bride from Philadelphia, USA

Jayne & Jarett's wedding welcome party at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotels, 2018


We wanted to thank you for all of your help and hard work with our wedding. It was very special and our friends keep calling it a fairytale wedding!



5* Google review:

You did a wonderful job planning our fairytale wedding! They took our dream vision and made it into a reality. They also gave us helpful suggestions to add nice French touches to our wedding and create a beautiful ambiance, such as a duet during the cocktail reception who performed traditional French songs and food and decor ideas.  They worked closely with trusted vendors and did an excellent job bringing everything together during our wedding weekend.


Michelle & Terence from NYC

Wedding at Château de la Chèvre d'Or, Eze Village, 2018

Hi to the best wedding planners!!
What a beautiful wedding. I can’t imagine the events without your assistance. Michelle and Terence’s wedding and party were magical. 

Warm regards,


Barbara, mother of the bride from Los Angeles

Michelle & Terence's wedding at Chateau de la Chèvre d'Or, Eze Village, 2018





Je voulais encore vous remercier pour tout votre travail, c'était vraiment top, j'ai adoré mon mariage:) Tout était merveilleusement organisé des navettes jusqu'aux petits détails, on était vraiment ravis!!!!! Nos invités ont passé un weekend exceptionnel! Un grand merci a Chiara aussi qui a réussi à gérer mon stress hihi:) 

Alina & Julien from Monaco

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2018


Thank you very much for everything that you have helped us plan and organize for this amazing wedding weekend for my daughter in Beauvallon, it's her dream come true. It was magical and mesmerizing, everyone has had an amazing time! Everything was so classy and tasteful and the firework was fabulous! Thank you so much to make it such an incredible event for my family, Curtis and Vivian. 


Mrs Chou, mother of the bride from Hong Kong

Vivian & Curtis' wedding at Beauvallon, Saint Tropez Bay, 2018

Bonjour ladies ,

How are you ? How's my favorite city in the world? I miss you so much. 

Firstly, I still get emotional when I think of the entire experience. South Africa won't keep quite about it. Apparently we took things to a new level, hahahaha!

It was certainly a great pleasure working with you. I could never thank you enough. What we came up with was priceless. Your execution was beyond my expectations. That week will be recorded in our family history books, that's for sure.

Thank you for your patience and most importantly, your friendship. 

Take care. All my love 💋


Buhle & Sthe from South Africa

10th wedding anniversary at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, 2017

We got married in heaven (...) Thank you so much The Wedding Planners Monaco for looking after our wedding, I loved every detail... #blessed #love #makingmemories

Raquel & Andrea from Milan, Italy

Wedding at Eze Village Church and Les Salons de la Rotonde, 2017


A big thank you to you both! Everything went perfectly, you guys made a great production. We had an amazing wedding weekend and all our guests loved it, people are giving superb feedback <3


5* Google review:

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life - and it's quite stressful trying to figure out all the little details. Once we got Imene and Cecile onboard, the whole process was so much easier. They make a great team, are easy to work with and always seem one step ahead. They're experienced with so many vendors so everything becomes fluid. They bring new ideas while being sensitive to the style and wishes of the couple. On the big day, everything was flawless, in excess of our expectations. Would definitely recommend.

Verena & Jacob from Monaco

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, French Riviera, 2017


We are still dreaming about the wonderful wedding. Thank you ladies for everything over the last few months planning for the wedding. Everything turned out beautifully. It was a magical night and dream come true. 



Thanks again for everything ladies, it was better than we imagined or ever dreamed of!



5* Google review:

My wife Layla and I had the pleasure of working with WPM on our wedding in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Planning a wedding is stressful and there are many unexpected challenges that come up, but with their support, we were able to enjoy many parts of the planning process. As for the wedding weekend, they didn't overlook a single detail. Our magical weekend couldn't have been achieved without their support. They will forever be a special part of our lives. We highly recommend them if you want to be absolutely blown away! 

Layla & Zubin from Los Angeles, California

Persian wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, French Riviera, 2017

Imène, once again it was wonderful meeting you. That was one of the most magnificent weddings I’ve ever witnessed and it was thanks to you and your partner.  I truly hope our paths cross again and if you’re ever in Los Angeles I’d love to see you!

Lady Sha

Los Angeles based International DJ, guests at one of our 2017 wedding

We are back in HK now, thanks for everything, everyone has been saying it is the best wedding they have ever been to!

What a great night! Can we do it again??? 

Stephanie & Rick from Hong-Kong

Wedding at Château Diter, French Riviera, 2017


Dear WPM team, 


Your involvement in our wedding was the magical glue that tied everything together, Nadine and I are eternally greatful. Let's stay in touch so that we'll be able to look back at our wedding as the start of a friendship.


Warm regards

Michel & Nadine


Thank you Imene and Cecile! You are so wonderful and incredible to work with. The events were magical and extremely well organised and smooth and most importantly our guests and us had so much fun and will treasure this moment forever 💖



Ladies, I've been seeing pictures and short videos of our wedding; what an absolutely wondrous event. It was so classy and well planned!!! I'm so proud of it. I'll always recommend your company strongly when hearing of newly engaged couples or people looking to throw a party. We are so lucky to have had you with us!!!



5* Google review:

My wife Nadine and I worked with Imene and Cecile to plan out wedding in SoF. Compliments don’t do this team any justice. Both Imene and Cecile are consummate professionals. They handled our issues with grace and care and worked tirelessly to ensure that my wife and our guests as well as I were comfortably accommodated and having fun. Our wedding venue was a very particular boutique hotel with it own particularities, while the hotel staff were excellent, Imene and Cecile were our eyes and ears and guided us through organizing the wedding remotely. I would not hesitate to recommend both ladies to any one who wants to organize a wedding or party, they are simply golden. Thank you Imene and Cecile.


Nadine & Michel from Beirut, Lebanon

Wedding at Château de la Chèvre d'or, Eze Village, 2017

We wanted a Hindu and Jewish wedding - a celebration of the fusion of Indian and French cultures. We thought it would be difficult to find a team who would understand, empathize and be able to create a true cultural fusion in an area with little infrastructure (we were getting married in a small town on the French Atlantic coast). 


Then we met Cecile and Imene - the perfect duo with a wealth of experience in creating unique, intimate events as well as having done several cross-cultural weddings . They both took the time to understand what our vision was and then worked diligently and passionately to spin our dream into a reality. 


The magic with their team and their true unique service lies in their ability to offer an extremely personalized and customized wedding. Both Imene and Cecile became an extended part of our family during the planning process. They understood our taste, our likes, our quirks, our family's needs, and our communication style. It's rare to find a pair like Cecile and Imene who will take such time and heart to get to know their clients in such detail. 


They work with a network of incredibly talented suppliers and are always open to working with new teams. From the awe-inspiring floral arrangements by Wayne and Jeff, the flawless production by Greg, to the live musicians and top notch Chakra catering - The Wedding Planners Monaco have what it takes to bring to life the most special day - full of heart and soul and planned to perfection. 


Priyanka & Pierre from Zürich, Switzerland

Wedding at Dune du Pyla, France, 2016

I have worked with WPM on a number of weddings in the South of France including our own. They are the most professional and honest people that I have worked with and I have no doubt that they will make your big day very special for you.

Bride spreading the word to her friends

Leila, bride and later bridesmaid, weddings in the South of France

Let me first say as to what a great pleasure it was to meet with you and work with you 😄 👍   I am very impressed with your passion, commitment, talent & work ethics. Thank you.

Deepak, father of the bride, from Singapore

During the planning...

Thank you both so much for all your help....just couldn't have managed on the day, particularly in the morning co-ordinating all the suppliers, without you!  Many of the staff at the Abbaye said how it was the best wedding they had experienced.  What an accolade!

Once again, many thanks for your support and your contribution to a very beautiful weekend.

Jenny, mother of the bride from London, UK

Elena & Kyle's Wedding at Hostellerie de l'Abbaye de la Celle*****, Provence, 2016

Dear WPM,

İ have thanked you many times but i wanted to thank you by email as well.

Thank you million times for making my wedding day even better than what i imagined. You are the best wedding planners ever!

For the past 8 months that we have been working together , i never doubted for one second about you. From the first contact we had in September until the day after my wedding , you guys have always been very warm and very professional but most important , you always made me feel very safe. İ am so lucky that i got the chance to know you and work with you. You were there for me 24/7, i knew that when i emailed you or messaged you , you would reply back asap.  i was always very confident working with you, because i knew you would direct me the best way. Thank you for not letting me worry about a single thing and arranging everything so perfectly. Friends who got married before told me "you plan your wedding for months and then definitely something goes wrong and not as planned" , the only thing that went not as planned was , guests were having more fun than we planned :-)))

İ didnt tell you this before because i was very sentimental the day after the wedding and i didnt want to cry when i was saying bye to you, but i'll never ever forget how you both came out running,  trying to calm me down when i was crying because of rain. That touched me a lot because i saw once again that you cared for my happiness and you didnt see me like a contract on paper.

All of my guests are calling to tell me what an amazing wedding it was. They are saying that it was the best wedding that they have ever been to. Honestly, my wedding was the best wedding that i have ever been to and i go to a looot of weddings :-)

Words are not enough to tell you how thankful and grateful i am for the two evenings you organised. The whole weekend was just like a dream .


İ have sent an individual thank you email to Wayne, Jeff , Clemence, Audrey, Gvantsa, Peter Madan , Peter Mackley and Mark. Thank you for your teamwork and thank you Cecile and Imene for coordinating everyone so smoothly  and thank you all for reacting so fast under the rainy condition and making me very happy and making my wedding like a fairy tale :-)))

İ will send you all the pictures when i get them .

Please keep in touch and take care.




5* Google review:

Best wedding planners in Europe ... We are so glad that we worked with you for our wedding and we are looking forward to work with you again for our 10th year anniversary in 2026 :-)))

Gözde & Eren from Istanbul, Turkey

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2016

So funny to think you're working with so many other people. It feels like it's only me and Pierre!

Priyanka, Indian bride from Zürich, Switzerland

During the planning...

Thank you for making our wedding so special and a true memory.

A & P

Wedding at Domaine du Mont-Leuze, France, 2015

Imene and her partner did an amazing job helping us plan our destination wedding in France. She was organized, professional, and had great ideas and suggestions throughout the planning process. She did a great job of building rapport with my husband and I so that we felt more like friends than clients. The entire planning process was very smooth and she made sure we were well informed but also listened to our thoughts and concerns every step of the way. I would highly recommend her to anyone, she would be a great asset to any company or project. 

Thank you so much for helping to usher us into this new phase of life; it was magical. Now as you start the next chapter of your life, we wish you good luck.

E & B

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2015

Thank you so much for all your help you were fantastic. Couldn't have happened without you. I loved every minute! The day was literally perfect! Xxxxx

R & G

Wedding at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2015



Imène made our wedding come true. She was the person who we called at any time of the day when there was a worry or an issue; and she was the one to solve it. She is kind and empathic and tried to understand our wants and needs. She would listen to our ideas and come up with even better solution. She is romantic, yet practical. Imène was the person who introduced and organized all the suppliers, she was the one in charge of all the terrible (and unappreciated back office work, contracts and organizational meetings). Ultimately it felt as she was one of our close friends. 


The actual day of our wedding was unforgettable – thanks to Imène.  I didn’t have a single worry (until this day, I can’t understand why do brides worry about the wedding day?!?! ) Everything was smooth and working, thanks to Imène grey eminence, she was present everywhere, making sure everything was perfect. Many people asked me, how come everything worked too properly, without anyone organizing it? Well, everything was organized and supervised, just no one could see the hassle. 


We will forever thank Imène with gratitude, as after attending numerous weddings of my friends around the world, I am able to compare and appreciate the professionalism and enthusiasm she does her job. We would, without an eye-blink, recommend Imène to our best friends or siblings.

N & V

Wedding at Cap Estel, Eze-sur-mer, 2014

Thank you so much for all your efforts, the wedding was more special than either my fiancée or I ever imagined it would be. Everything was perfect and we thank you tremendously for making this event so memorable and seamless.

S & S

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2014

Dear Imene, 

I am sadly a perfectionist, and I know that I gave you a very hard time, but you delivered everything with a smile, and worked hard to get things going. You have very good taste and were quite good at "joining the dots" ! 

We were able to create a truly magical wedding. The outcome was a week-end to remember. 

We all wish you the very best and if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

Warm regards

F (mother of the groom)

Wedding at Château Diter, Grasse, 2012

Imène was an integral part of the success of my wedding in Monaco and St Jean Cap Ferrat, which was planned to perfection. She was always available, very organised and very 'on the ball'. I highly recommend her.

I & A

Wedding at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 2011

Dear Imene, 

Thank you for helping us organize our wedding day and making it an unforgettable and incredible event. For us, it was better than perfect. We wish you all the best with your new endeavors. 

J & S

Wedding in the Port of Saint-Tropez, 2011

We thank you for having uniquely contributed to make our wedding day the most beautiful day of our life so far. All our guests have told us how breathless they were upon discovering the venue, the cocktail and dinner arrangements, and all have been so admirative of the taste and style illustrated in the flower decoration, the menu and food - without omitting the quality of the musicians and catering staff. Everything was just as we had dreamed it and even beyond our dreams. You personally deserve a special thank you because we know how dedicated and personally involved you have been in making all of this happen for us. We wish you well in all you do, now and in the future. 

P & J

Wedding at Villa Key Largo, Cap d'Ail, 2010

We would like to thank you very much for organizing our wedding. We were very pleased with your assistance as everything was perfect. You have chosen the best service providers for our wedding, they were absolutley perfect. So thanks again for making our wedding so perfect! Best regards from London. 

M & R

Wedding at Chateau de Robernier, Montfort sur Argens, 2010

I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for our wedding. J and I had a great night and we absolutley could not have done it without you and your team. We truly appreciate everything. Thank you again!! It was a night we will remember forever.

L & J

Wedding at Domaine du Mont-Leuze, Villefranche sur mer, 2009

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I have been by your service from the very first contact. I emailed and spoke to several wedding planners in the area who were certainly willing to take on our project, however took too long to return calls etc. 

I have worked in events planning/marketing for over 15 years and I have been SO impressed with Cécile in many ways. 

Great attention to detail

Constantly following up and staying on top of things

Full of suggestions and ideas but also very practical 

A genuinely lovely person to work with - friendly and professional...

A wedding can seem overwhelming and full of just spending money, but Cécile has made such an enormous difference to our special day. We are so lucky to be working with her and think she is amazing ambassador for your firm. 

A & P

Wedding in a private villa, Gordes, 2008

I wanted to thank you again for a beautiful ceremony. All aspects of the service were perfect and you have wonderful judgment and talent. You are the best and I cannot tell you how much all of it meant to both of us. Thank you again for all your hard work. All the people involved were professional and talented. All my best and you have our sincere thanks. 

S & M

Wedding at La Chèvre d'Or, Eze Village, 2006